Lean Production

The need for flexibility, client response and cost reduction are of utmost importance for all production processes, particularly in Italy.

Tecne90 S.p.A. is a company that supports AILM,
the Italian Lean Managers Association

Associazione Italiana Lean Managers

This requirement was catered for by using the Lean Production system. Developed in the 50s by Toyota and known as Toyota Production System, it has been successfully used by numerous companies in all sectors: from mining to hospitals, from bank to non-profit.

On the basis of this general necessity of its customers, Tecne90 S.p.A. developed solutions that combine efficiency requirements with the need for customer service and total quality.

AILM was registered as an association by Sergio Di Tillio and Corrado Di Marco in April 2014. It is however since 2012 that it has been supporting workshops and research projects for continuous improvement in all its forms (Kaizen, Lean, World Class Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma).

Meeting with Renato Comai

Renato Comai (vice president of the Italian Lean Managers Association – AILM)
Meeting at Tecne90 SpA, Montelupone (MC)
Interview by Sergio Di Tillio (president of AILM)

Part 1

Part 2


Progettazione di uno stampo, Costruzione di uno stampo, Stampaggio del prodotto: Scopri alcuni esempi delle nostre realizzazioni.


La realizzazione di un impianto fotovoltaico (da 298.541 Kwh) e l'utilizzo di nuovi materiali a impatto ambientale zero sono il nostro contributo per un mondo più verde.


Tecne90 crede nell'importanza della ricerca e della formazione di giovani tecnici, considerando entrambi l'investimento più sicuro e redditizio per il futuro.