Tecne90 is committed to upgrade its knowledge and departments in the direction of Industry 4.0, and promote at the same time the cooperation between university system and productive fabric, in the belief that innovation and research are a driving force of Italian economic growth.

For this reason, Tecne90 joined the VI edition for the academic year 2017 to 2018 of the Eureka project on industrial doctorates, promoted by Marche Region, and it will host the research project The enabling factors of Industry 4.0: the role of industrial doctorates in connecting business and university of Dr. Giulia Sacchetti, PhD candidate at Macerata University department of Law. The Eureka project is a regional intervention within the POR Marche FSE 2014/20 plan, which sets up doctoral programs together with institutions, firms and universities operating in the region, aimed at supporting youth employment throught transversal educational paths, in which young researchers’ stories intertwine with academic and entrepreneurial personalities’ experience, in a way of mutual enrichment and exchange. Industrial PhD encourages the development of academic research inside the production base and the transfer of high-quality skills, establishing innovative potential for both research and companies. From a business point of view, industrial PhD enables the production system to access the academic research network, intercept the opportunities it offers in terms of innovation and development of business culture, and build relationships with trade associations, start-ups and industrial clusters, in order to facilitate the transfer of skills related to Industry 4.0 technologies and innovative projects.