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We are a byword for concreteness and reliability every time a client is looking for quality in the three stages of the production cycle:

Mould design
Mould construction
Product moulding

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Tecne90 S.p.A. was founded in 2012 in the Marche footwear district, from the merger of two artisan firms, that had been operating for over thirty years in the business of mould design and construction and moulding of plastic materials for footwear and technical items.
In a market that often splits up the various stages of production, with waste of time and money, we manage internally the whole process of industrialization of an idea, from its prototyping and design up to the end product.

We offer our customers integrated solutions and a customized personal service in the realization of technically and aesthetically innovative products, ensuring strict confidence and very fast production.

The lasting partnership with some excellences of Made in Italy
has enabled us to constantly test our know-how and our departments,
and to specialize in high technological criticality projects.


Our mission:

To operate according to a concept of technique as

“art of knowing how to do”

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Progettazione di uno stampo, Costruzione di uno stampo, Stampaggio del prodotto: Scopri alcuni esempi delle nostre realizzazioni.


La realizzazione di un impianto fotovoltaico (da 298.541 Kwh) e l'utilizzo di nuovi materiali a impatto ambientale zero sono il nostro contributo per un mondo più verde.


Tecne90 crede nell'importanza della ricerca e della formazione di giovani tecnici, considerando entrambi l'investimento più sicuro e redditizio per il futuro.