Patent for “high flexibility sole and its production”

We have patented an innovative vertical high frequency welding method to realize PVC airtight inner-tube soles for footwear. Which are the benefits? Our production method allows you to create high flexibility and comfort soles with a wide range of variations in terms of functionality and aesthetic performance compared to the insufflation molding. We are able to create different shapes and thicknesses in every part of the sole, such as ribs [...]

  • Cliente Inature Tecne 90

Inature Top Supplier

Tecne90 is proud to be acknowledged as Top Supplier by BIOMOOD S.r.L. for the optimization of its product processing. Our best product is the first biodegradable smartphone cover iNature, which received the prestigious “Innovation 2012 Design and Engineering Award” by the CEA in the “Eco-Design and Sustainable Technologies” category. BIOMOOD S.r.L. creates and produces 100% biodegradable items with the brand iNature, flagship of the Marche production area. Once again, Tecne90 [...]

  • Medaglie Olimpiadi Torino Realizzate da Tecne 90

2006 Turin Winter Olympics Medals

How do you materialize hours of training, years of big efforts and extraordinary performance into one single item? How do you shape a dream? Very simply, with respect and know-how. Tecne90 adopted this attitude when it accepted the challenge, thus making it the sole supplier of medals for the Torino Winter Olympics in 2006. A note to all the technicians watching this video: we would like to mention that this [...]