Girls’ volleyball team CGF Pranzetti of Montelupone has been included in the county championship. The support given by Tecne90 to the team is part of the company’s latest initiatives aimed at supporting human and professional training of young people, such as the project for schools “To the discovery of Lean Production”.

A strong team spirit, a solid and inclusive coaching, a constant physical and mental commitment: we believe that the success of this winning team is an example of how passion, dedication and collaboration can lead to great results, not just in sport. In fact, the problems faced by volleyball teams can also be found in business organizations. As with volleyball, the recipe for a good performance in business should combine a strong involvement in corporate culture and mission, a sharing leadership, team spirit and problem solving skills.

From the left: Benedetta Benfatto, Giulia Frapiccini, Chiara Gelosi, Roberta Stortoni, Jenny Tentella, Margherita Picasso, Sara Sampaolesi, Cristina Moschettoni, Lucia Marcantoni, Martina Mataloni, Noemi Fontana.