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Tecne90 is proud to be acknowledged as Top Supplier by BIOMOOD SRL for the optimization of its product processing. Our best product is the first biodegradable Smartphone cover called iNature,which received the prestigious “Innovation 2012 Design and Engineering Award” by the CEA in the “Eco-Design and Sustainable Technologies” category. BIOMOOD SRL creates and produces 100% biodegradable items with the brand name iNature, flagship of the Marche production area. Once again, Tecne90 has been acknowledged as one of the most exclusive companies for Made in Italyinitiatives in the area.

How do you materialize hours of training, years of big efforts and extraordinary performance into one single item? How do you shape a dream? Very simply, with respect and know-how. Tecne90 adopted this attitude when it accepted the challenge, thus making it the sole supplier of medals for the Torino winter Olympics in 2006.
A note to all the technicians watching this video: we would like to mention that this kind of processing by Tecne90 s.p.a, was obviously based on the latest updated data and shall continue in this direction because it is our style.

In 2002, Tecne90 was acknowledged as Top Supplier by TechnoGym, an excellent Italian leader in the sector that manufactures gym equipment. We have been collaborating with TechnoGym for many years and this enables us to enhance our precision work.

Tecne90 is extremely convinced in the leading role that all industry in general should have in environmental safeguarding. The creation of photovoltaic installations and the use of new zero environment impact materials are our contribution for a more ecological world.
our 291,089 kWp photovoltaic installation enables us to generate 298.541 Kwh

No Leath makes you wear handy, soft, plastic , new concept shoes that are created by a combination of style, design and mechanical know-how. The NO LEATH brand comes from a company with a long history in footwear.Professionalism, passion, innovation, use of colours, fantasy, comfort, simple designs and versatility are the distinctive traits of No Leath.

In times of great recession, Tecne90 still believes in the importance of research and training young technicians, two investments that will certainly be most profitable in the future. We are one of the partner companies in the training stages at the ITIS E. Mattei tecnical college at Recanati and in the past, we collaborated with the CamerinoUniversity and the engineering school at the Universityof Marche.

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