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The entire industrialisation process is subjected to rigorous checks that quickly pinpoint any anomalies.

Our production uses the best machines that ensure
both excellent productivity and high product quality.

Moulding of soles:

Our prerogative is to distinguish ourselves,
for the complexity and variety of the items
we can produce in very fast times.

Moulding of footwear and accessories in plastic:

We can mould boots, covers for tablets and
smartphones and any type of accessory.

Technical moulding:

One part of our production area is entirely devoted to technical moulding. In this section
we can guarantee very high quality: rejects are less than 2,55 parts per million, i.e. 99.75% conformity.

Ppm (parts per million) is the unit of measure that is used when the substance to be quantified is so
dispersed that correct evaluation is impossible using another unit of measure.

It is used to determine:

The relative abundance of rare elements
on the earth’s crust such as iridium

In analytical chemistry, to calculate the
concentration of trace elements.

For example, to measure how many grams of salt
are present in one kilo of seawater.

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Mould design, mould construction, moulding: look at a few examples of our products.


The creation of a photovoltaic plant (298,541 Kwh) and the use of new materials with zero environmental impact are our first contribution to a greener world.


We believe in the importance of development and training of young technicians, and consider them both to be the surest and most profitable investment for the future.